Holistic Probiotics In Your Digestive System

The Benefits of Probiotics


Holistic Probiotics In Your Digestive System


Natural Probiotics For A Holistic Lifestyle


Probiotics have been all the rage over the past few years….for good reason too.


More news has also been coming to light about how antibiotic overuse can make us vulnerable to superbugs that resist antibiotic treatment.


However, Probiotics are the good bacteria found in our guts that protect us from harmful bacteria.


Some of us received beneficial gut flora from our mother’s at birth. If your mother birthed vaginally and/or breast fed, some of your mother’s natural defenses were passed on to you.


Because some human babies are not born or fed that way, adding a probiotic supplement can be helpful. Also, many of us do not eat fermented foods like generations in the past.


They did not have refrigeration, so their food preservation process allowed good bacteria to grow in their food naturally.


We also need the protection of probiotics, because antibiotics have a sneaky way of getting into our bodies even when we are not taking a prescription medication.


If you eat animal products…. some have been compromised by antibiotics given to them and then we eat them, therefore giving us antibiotics too.


Antibiotics are prescribed by doctors to destroy bad bacteria when we get sick, but it does not discriminate. It destroys the good bacteria that protects us from getting sick too.


There are many parts that come together for the balance of our internal flora and probiotics are one of these parts, they are described as good bacteria living in the body. Most are primarily in the stomach that helps to keep the stomach’s natural balance intact for a healthy gut and better digestion.

Probiotics For A Holistic Lifestyle


Proper balance of bacteria leads to overall optimal health.




How Do Probiotics Work?


There are about 400 different types of bacteria living in the gut. They work together to maintain a healthy balance in the gut. They are also beneficial to us, as a whole and not just the gut.


However, if the gut is out of whack then all other bodily functions get affected since all nutrients supplied to the body comes from the gut.


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The imbalance of the gut can lead to bloating, indigestion, extreme fatigue and infections. Probiotics can be especially helpful if you have cravings for foods with added sugars and simple carbs.

Bad bacteria need sugar to survive and thrive. They love sugar. Yikes!


The good news is once you populate your gut with good bacteria, you may get your cravings under control and lose weight too.




Scientists have shown that Probiotics can easily help with illnesses or conditions like eczema. They prevent colds and the flu while promoting bladder and vaginal health.


Adding a probiotic supplement has become important because of the vital role they play in helping the body function properly, especially those functions of the gastrointestinal system.


Today, probiotics are taking the forefront for many in the health and wellness community. Their value improves our overall well-being.

“Probiotics are a wonderful supplement to our modern diet.”


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