Healthy Alternative To Candy

My Healthy Alternatives to Candy

Healthy Alternative To Candy


2 Healthy Alternatives to Candy You Should Try This Summer


I remember summertime being filled with sugar, candy, ice cream and many more “sweet treats,” as a kid. My brother’s, cousin’s, and I played outdoors most of the afternoon while eating our candy. We bought it with our pocket change that we had collected.


Candy stores were in walking distance, all around my neighborhood. Many times, we only came into the house to go to the bathroom and to get water. Thankfully, we were very active (running around and playing) burning off all of that energy.

Why it is important to replace candy in your diet?

Candy is not real food. It can be loaded with sugar (high fructose corn syrup), those horrible artery clogging trans-fats, artificial flavors (addictive), and food colors (linked to ADHD, eczema, cavities, neurological disorders and more).


In case you are not convinced yet….Candy has no nutritional value. For many of us, it has been associated with happy times and childhood memories. It is often given to children, as a reward for good behavior. However, when we know better…we begin to do better and pass that lifestyle on to our children.


Unfortunately, candy is not good for us and it should not be a part of our regular diets. That’s why…. I would like to share with you shortly two healthy alternatives to candy that you should try this summer!


Many studies have proven that absolute deprivation and denial does not work for many people. Especially when someone is really addicted to a certain food. Sugar can be very addictive, so I wanted to share with you some beneficial alternatives to candy that my kids have enjoyed over the years.


Both of these fruits are naturally sweet and nutritiously balanced, so they really don’t have a problem with eating them, in moderation.

2 Natural Healthy Alternatives to Candy

Figs and dates were mentioned in the bible many times. It’s safe to say that they are ancient foods that were highly regarded. They were also given to Greek athletes (gladiators) to help them build muscle and provide energy. Because these fruits are very satisfying…it is very unnecessary for me to buy candy for my kids. Figs and dates are sweet, chewy, and gooey.





Figs are healthy alternative to candy


Fresh Figs are highly perishable, therefore the focus of my post is on dried figs, which are actually said to be higher in nutritional value. Figs are complete nutritional food sources. They are rich in natural sugar, it also has calcium, fiber and antioxidants too.

I have always noticed that sugar, in nature always contain fiber, vitamins and minerals and some water content. Fiber slows down the blood sugar from quickly spiking.


Figs are nutritiously balanced with just the right amounts of magnesium, manganese, calcium, copper, potassium, vitamin K, and vitamin B6. Together, these compounds have the capacity to regulate blood sugar levels, inhibit kidney and liver problems and cancer (specifically postmenopausal breast cancer), prevent macular degeneration and high blood pressure, aid in weight loss, and protect the heart.

Precaution: Do not consume too many figs over the course of a day, because it can have a laxative affect. Stick to the serving size and if you experience loose stools, back off a little.

Figs come in different varieties. However, these mission figs pictured below are my favorite dried figs, because they are organic and unsulphured.



Dates are a healthy alternative to candy

Dates remind me of buttery caramel. They come from the palm date tree and are rich in potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, B vitamins, fiber and so much more. Scientific studies have shown that eating them in moderation can help support blood pressure, healthy cells, increased circulation and blood supply.


Dates have many similar benefits as figs. Dates are a healthy alternatives to candy and come in different varieties. You can also purchase them with or without pits.


These are the dates pictured below that we use the most in our household, because they are organic, pitted, and simple for snacking on.



How Do I Add Figs and Dates into Your Diet?


I chop them up to sweeten granola, oatmeal, or cereal, and smoothies; instead of other sugars and sweeteners. At home, we add them to our own trail mixes of nuts and seeds.


My kids also eat one or two in between meals to boost their energy and brain power while doing their school work. Sometimes, I will eat a fig or a date before my workout to power up my performance, energy, and stamina.

There You Have It!

Sweet can be good for you too! I love being able to let my kids enjoy childhood treats that are a REAL TREAT! I would still caution you not to overindulge, but these treats are so packed with nutrition and goodness that you will be able to stop after just one or two.


Comment Below: Have you struggled with candy or sugar addiction in your household?
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