How To Raise Your Energy Level Naturally

How To Raise Your Energy Level Naturally



How To Raise Your Energy Level Naturally


More frequently, I hear people talking about how mentally and physically tired they are. This is no surprise given our non-stop society today.



Many of us are bombarded with information overload, as well as the constant need to stay connected to our friends and family physically, as well as virtually.



How To Raise Your Energy Level Naturally



According to a scientific study by Texas A & M University, “more young people are suffering from the fear of missing out (FOMO).



The feeling that we need to be constantly connected and be everywhere is exhausting and draining, which can lead to fatigue, anxiety, and depression.”



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It is necessary to take a step back and be present with ourselves first. Schedule moments that we will not check-in to the rest of the world, before we have checked in with God and ourselves.



“Seek God first and His righteousness and all things will be given to you.” Matthew 6:33



Trust that things will fall into place and not fall apart, if you don’t check your phone for a moment in time.



Raise Energy Level



This goes for me too, I have to make sure that I be present and live in the moment, as well as allow myself unplugged down time to collect my thoughts and restore my energy levels.



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It is also important to eat whole unprocessed foods, drink plenty of clean water, and get some restorative sleep.



I must admit that I have been struggling with getting restorative sleep, since I started working midnights, recently. I have not adjusted and I can’t be too sure that I will, because it is unnatural for our body’s biology.



Therefore, I am also strategizing in my business to bring in more revenue, so I don’t have to work this schedule long-term.



My emotional and physical health is too important to me, I believe God is going to provide a way of escape, but I need the extra finances to help make ends meet for now.


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Thankfully, I am aware of some herbs created by God, which have been used for thousands of years to provide healing and protection for our sakes.






These herbs have been known to raise your energy level naturally, as well as protect you from mental, physical, and emotional decline. I have used them myself, and believe they are a blessing!


Today, I’m going to share them with you! ( Amazon Affiliate Links)



American Ginseng– Also referred to as Panax, “can be used in older as well as younger people. It is a powerful adaptogen herb, which helps you better respond to stress, increase energy levels, reduce fatigue, improves anemia, and improved athletic performance.






Gotu Kola– Is used to increase circulation, mental clarity, focus, and memory.





Reishi Mushroom Complex– Improves energy, immune support, build blood, promote a calm mind, and enhance memory.





Rhodiola – Protects the heart, promotes brain health and mental sharpness, helps depression, anxiety and mood disorders, as well as increases physical endurance.






Resource: The Juice Lady’s Remedies for Stress and Adrenal Fatigue: Juices, Smoothies, and Living Foods Recipes for Your Ultimate Health





Note: It is not a good idea to use any of these herbs in combination with caffeine. These herbs are natural stimulates and you don’t want to feel overstimulated, which could cause anxiety.



Many of us can use some support with our energy levels, improving our mood, and focus. Thankfully, God gave us answers in nature!



If you have any resources that you would like to add to the list of ways to raise your energy level naturally, please comment below?



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