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Finding Your Inner Peace



Maintaining your inner peace requires us to manage the stress in our lives. Many Scientific Studies have shown the damaging effects that chronic stress has on our heart health, mental health, overall wellbeing and peace of mind.


There are so many events throughout the day that can challenge your inner peace and rob you of your joy, if you are not intentional. We have all been there, at some point.


For instance, you get up extra early to have some alone time then everyone else in your home decides to wake up early too. You encounter someone in a bad mood and they take it out on you. You are in a great mood and hear some bad news.


The examples could go on and on.


Many of us make plans for the day, but we have to prepare ourselves mentally for the unexpected occurrences. 


That way, when disappointments and distractions come our way we are emotionally equipped to handle the obstacles, roadblocks, and adversities.


Life has a way of throwing curve balls at us. I want to share with you some strategies to help you knock the ball right out of the park.



5 Connection Strategies That Will Help You Maintain Your Inner Peace



Inner Peace



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Stay Connected to the Source of Your Strength:

The Bible says,


 I will keep you in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me. Isaiah 26:3


It is very important to have alone time with God and meditate on His goodness and His word to empower your life. This will supercharge you to face the adversities and negativity that may come your way.


There are so many distractions today, that even the most dedicated believer can easily forget to consistently pray and read the bible. Therefore, we have to be purposeful and make the time to spend with God, otherwise you won’t find it.


“God will give you peace that surpasses all understanding to keep your heart and mind.” Philippians 4:7

You will need this peace to power through your day effectively.


Stay Connected to Yourself:


Get Alone to Gain Clarity so you can Focus on a Vision for your day.


As a mother of young children… this is a challenging step. I have to continuously be mindful and intentional to take a few minutes of quite time to gather my thoughts.


“Take every thought captive to keep your heart and mind.” 2 Corinthians 10:15


I have to admit that there have been moments when I have felt irritated and frustrated with the challenges of the day.


Sometimes, my response was to murmur and complain, instead of taking control of my thoughts, words, and actions.


I can say that this reaction has always been a result of me ignoring my own personal need to have a moment to myself.


We all have a personal responsibility to get clear and take back our authority, dominion, and power in life.


“We were created to dominate our day…not just tolerate it.” Kimberly Marie


Stay Connected to your Core Values and Beliefs:


What society values and believes changes, but God‘s word stays the same.


I find that I feel less confusion when I base my beliefs off of biblical principles. We make decisions faster when they are lined up with our core values.


No matter what is going on in the world, I can quickly know where I stand on any particular issue, which reduces stress for me.


There are so many messages, movements, and opinions today about everything. What was right 10 years ago is not right today. What was wrong 10 years ago is right today.


When you stick to your core values of right and wrong, it helps you maintain your identity. Your identity is connected to your purpose.


Stay Connected to Your Purpose:


We are all significant! God created each and every one of us on purpose… for a purpose. Knowing and understanding your purpose keeps you on track in life.


You will know what to dedicate your time, efforts, and energy to. We only have so much time and we want to spend it in the areas that we were designed to spend them in. This keeps us focused and headed in the right direction.


We are great when we do this!


I see people fighting battles they were never designed or equipped to fight and the results are not good. The fastest way to be stressed out is to try to be all things to everyone.


We have to stay in our own lanes and walk in our own purpose and callings to fulfill our unique destiny. Knowing your purpose, reduces a lot of unnecessary stress in life.

Stay Connected to Immediate Relationships in Your Life:


Today, many people are connected virtually, but their immediate and personal relationships are suffering.


Studies have shown that people don’t feel the same level of connection to their friends on social media, as they do when they interact face-to-face.


Studies have also shown that people who spend more time on social networking sites say that they feel less happy and more stressed out.


People often compare their lives to their friend’s lives on social media. These comparisons are not accurate because people tend to share an unbalanced (positive) viewpoint of their lives on social media.


Most people of a certain maturity level don’t share their personal dirty laundry to their virtual friends. We tend to only post the good times that we have.


Not the fight we had while getting ready to go on date night. Then we take couple pics once everything blows over to share with our friends. #perfectcouple


More people are reporting that they feel isolated and lonely. This can have long-term consequences on their health and mental well-being.


People who feel connected to others often live longer than those who feel isolated. We are social beings. Therefore, we have to give a higher priority to our personal relationships than we do to virtual ones.


This is a challenge for many of us today. For instance, I have a blog and need to be online to share information about it. However, I am beginning to set my mind to be present and intentional when my husband and kids want to talk to me.


I have this conversation in my head with myself like Okay Kim, put the smart phone down and give them eye contact or ask if we can discuss this when I can give them my undivided attention.


It’s not about quantity of time spent it’s about quality. The rewards will be great in the end, because the people who matter will know it and your relationships will be more healthy and peaceful with better communication and understanding, which results in less stress!


Take Home Message…


Stress happens to us all, but it is how we manage it that determines rather we will live an empowering life. Staying connected to God, ourselves, our core values, our purpose and the people who matter most will determine rather we live a life full of inner peace.


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